It's War!

Ms Teake heads for home

The psychotic fraternity in Paleochora is gearing itself up for another huge row, possibly on the scale of that which occurred between Ms Demeana and Ms Teake on the formers arrival in the village last year and which resulted in the infamous “flying goat buttock” incident.*

This time the source of the tension is the arrival in town of Gertie Yakittov. Whilst Ms Yakittov is not yet know to be a psychical psychotic on the same lines as two or more better known of the town’s woo woo practitioners, there is clearly some overlap in the services she is proposing to offer.

Commenting on Ms Yakittov’s proposed intention to “settle in Paleochora for the foreseeable summer, selling paintings of her breasts and buttocks to tourists and organising a regular “Outdoor Nude Tantrick Yoga Class For The Over 70's" on the beach,” Ms Demeana pointed out that,

“Anyone can get their kit off in the summer but it takes a real man, like Ms Teake, to do it in the winter snows.”

In the meantime Ms Teake, recovering from a recent wallet by pass in the Sunrise Bar, queried, somewhat impolitely, whether Ms Yakittov intended to carry out her Naked Tantrick Yoga classes on the sandy beach or the pebble beach; pointing out that the temperature of the sand, and pebbles, can reach over 45 degrees Celsius.

Ms Teake went home having first rescued a stray dog.

Local pharmacies are said to be stocking up with extra bottles of spray on factor 85 Ayurvedic sun screen in anticipation of a hot summer.

* The threat of a reoccurrence of this event is still used by local mothers to keep their children quiet. The goat in question still refuses to answer any questions.

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BrightOrangeGenitals said...

So that's where my goat has been all winter, in Questionable Circumstances. (Is that a suburb of Paleochora?) I demand you release him at once and send him flying back to me immediately. Of course he doesn't answer questions, all that flying gives him altitude sickness and makes him deaf.

Not only he is deaf, he is also not very bright, please flag down any passing pigeon and get it to lead him back to the third turning on the left, Ha Canyon (going in a northerly direction)