She's here, she's young, she's Insa Ne!

Ms Demena has at last revealed the identity of the mystery helper.

It would appear that the aging Psykotic Psykic has brought in some outside assistance in the shapely form of Ms Insa Ne. (Shown above, third or fourth from the left...or the right.)

Ms Ne, or Doctor Insa Ne as she apparently prefers to be called having obtained her various Doctorates through hours of study and the correct application of her signature on a cheque made out to an American “College”, is a vivacious young lady apparently skilled at many of the more unusual practices of the psykik community.

Commenting on her arrival, Mentor Lee Hill, seventh level guru and part time olive picker, observed that her entrance is likely to improve the standard of manners in the village; “I’m sure all the Greek men will rise up when she walks in the room.”

Though declining to talk to this blog, Dr. Insa Ne is believed to be contemplating offering, at a suitably modest fee, a series of seminars devoted to combining Raki and Yoghurt in daily life, as well as, the by now standard for Paleochora Psykics, Chakra Tune Up and Aura Cleaning sessions.

Whether or not she will be participating in the eagerly awaited “I’m dancing stark naked under the full moon on the Sandy Beach for World Peace and Harmony because my spiritual Guide told me to do so Festival” has yet to be confirmed.