Ms Teake under attack?

A "Group Session" of Reiki drinkers

Ms Teake this evening claimed that she was being spiritually and telepathically attacked by a “bunch of Reiki crazed loons”

She has apparently received notification that on Sunday night(s) at 9:00 p.m. in their local time zone Raki practitioners turn off all non-essential lights, and become the light.

First they telepathically connect with one another using the distant Reiki symbol, thus becoming one united light. Then they send Raki with the pure intention "Peace, Love, Health, Prosperity and Well-being for all beings." At the same time they visualize a world at peace and the earth returning to a healthy state of balance; see the air, streams, rivers and seas being cleansed.
Ms Teake has also been told that for those who wish to participate, this can also be a wonderful way to personally receive a Raki treatment at the same time. They encouraged her simply be open to bathe in the energy as she was sending Reiki out, telling her, telepathically, that "Group sessions" of this nature enhance the strength of Raki's healing power exponentially.

“The voices in my head encouraged me to do it this morning," she said, "they kept asking ... ‘Will you please join us for Raki hour at 9 p.m. Sunday night? That is 9 p.m. in your own time zone and we will create a wave of Reiki energy across the planet.’ They plan to do this every Sunday night for the immediate future, and perhaps beyond. “

“That’s just not on,” said the Paleochora psykik,” no one gets my Raki; Sunday or any other night!”

Visitor expected?

Mentor Lee Hill today announced his plans to bring one of his own mentor's words to the enlightened of Paleochora.

The much feted Rev. Elroy Cupboard, charismatic multi-billionaire head of the International Church of Scientificological Phrenology (motto: One visit and you will need your bumps read) will be regularly contributing his 'Thought For The Day' through this very blogspot in a very complicated merchandise tie-in deal.

"This man is a spiritual genius", gushed Hill yesterday. "He set up the Bank Of Gavdos (Offshore) known simply as B.O.G. Off which is 100% owned by a Cayman Island Trust which shares are controlled by an office on Gibraltar which is acting on behalf of a private equity company in Nassau, Bahamas which may or may not be wholly owned by a gentleman living in either Wagga Wagga or East Grinstead"

Watch this Blog for the first exciting Thought for the Day by Elroy Cupboard

Protective clothing to be needed for the summer?

Protective Clothing to be needed this summer?

Ms Demena yesterday issued a public statement urging all tourists visiting Paleochora this summer to wear her specially designed “Aura Pervy Peeper Protection” clothing. This came following the recent discovery that “Aura Goggles “ were on sale via the interwebnet thingy at a mere 20 Euros plus p&p and that a pair, or several boxes, had apparently been ordered by one of the more insane gurus of Paleochora.

“I get an itchy feeling at the very thought of someone going round looking at people’s auras without their knowledge and so I felt that for a modest 253 Euros per kit, I could offer some protection to visitors and make them feel safe from unwanted aura peepers,” said Ms Demena before going on to attempt to get some free advertising by mentioning her own blogspot at

Mentor Lee Hill, seventh level guru and part time olive picker, denied that he had ordered 46 boxes of Aura Goggles but refused to comment on the rumour that he and Ms Teake were developing their own version in their research facility in “Area Odes.”
In the meantime, Mal Akker, well known man about town and spirit expert, refused repeated requests to publish his correspondence with .

Make mine a Vergina!

Gertie Yakkitov was confused today, stating; "I really don't know why there is so much fuss about a popular brand of Greek beer"