Come Dancing

The Doris Stokes Drop-In Spiritual Realignment Centre and Karaoke Bar (Paleochora Branch) will be the first venue of the BBC's latest blockbuster TV show, "Pro-Celebrity Strictly 5 Rhythm Dancing" hosted by Russian 5 rhythm expert and gold medallist, Gertie Yakittov (pictured).

Mentor Lee Hill, who has been instrumental in bringing the event to Paleochora said "I have always favoured the rhythm method, especially with Yakittov"

Tickets are reasonably priced at 75 Euros. Please make sure you do not eat before coming as we do not want to mop up lots of sick.


Ivan Elephant said...

This appears to be an as yet unknown definiton of "reasonably priced." Where can I buy tickets?

Doris Bonkers said...

Mentor Lee Hill used to accept PayPal but had to cancel it in the absence of pals.

Anonymous said...

Can children come at half price for Ms gettemoff. I can bring my own bucket.