Yakittov steppes in.

Former Russian gold medallist, spiritual healer, Lap dancer (her father was from Lapland) and expert 5 rhythm dancer Gertie Yakittov has decided to settle in Paleochora for the "foreseeable summer".

Gertie hopes to make a living selling paintings of her breasts and buttocks to tourists and to organise a regular "Outdoor Nude Tantrick Yoga Class For The Over 70's" on the beach. Yakittov said yesterday "It's an idea I had before but it didn't really take off in Siberia last Autumn. In fact nothing was taken off at all"

Each class costs 47 euros but a discount is given for anyone bringing their parents with them.

It remains to be seen how Ms Teake and Ms Demena , Paleochora Woo Woo stalwarts, will view the arrival of new competition.


Miss Mal.Ackers said...

I wonder if there is an opening please for an assistant bearer of breasts and buttocks. I am a little rusty in the frantic yoga department, but I am sure once I get on my bicycle it will all come back to me. Where should I send my CV?

Doctor.GooRoo said...

I do apologise once again, Sir, my clients have been escaping all afternoon. The goatherder is on his way round to try and get them back again.

Anonymous said...

Miss mal. akkers (something we should know about?) can sent her cv together with charcoal rubbings of her breasts to Mentor Lee Hill, Paleochora

Miss Mal.Ackers said...

Still looking for some charcoal but my frantic yoga skills are improving, although the bicycle is complaining a bit. There has been some trouble with friends on Bouvet and I am going to have to move. How do I find friends in other places to share? Carrier pigeon details open for a while on CV. I get worried about influxes of spaghetti and certain meat products.

Doctor.GooRoo said...

Dear Sir,
I apologise again for my clients. Miss Mal.A has not yet had her medicine and has escaped. She will no doubt return when she is hungry enough or, heaven forbid, deflowering takes place. I will explain to her her later how these things work.
Please ignore her.