Tragedy Strikes

Ms Demena has accident with candle

It has been reported the tragedy struck Ms Demena, the recently returned psykotic physic*, during a power cut in Paleochora yesterday evening.

When the lights failed during a thunderstorm, Ms Demena, who had, that very morning, been out at hard at work counselling and providing her traditional Raki therapy to a passing ex-pat, grabbed a handful of candles to light her room.

Unfortunately it would appear that in her haste to get illuminated, she grabbed and used the last of her supply of Hopi Ear candles.

“I’m distraught!” she whaled**, “Petrakis have run out and there appears to be no more Hopi Ear candles in the whole of Crete!”

Asked why there appeared to be such a shortage of such spiritually necessary items, she blamed the continued and increasing opposition of the Hopi people to having their ears cut off to make candles.

“It’s not as if anyone needs BOTH ears,” Ms Demena stated, ”most people can get by happily with one or even none. These people have no idea what they’re doing to my balance; my bank manager gets so upset darling!”

Asked what happens next to Ms Demena and those gentlemen who have booked with her to receive her “Hot Wax Speciality, Poor and Aura Cleansing, Spiritual Revival Treatment –a snip at 50 Euros – discretion guaranteed”, her manager, part time seventh level guru and olive picker Mentor Lee Hill, declined.

However later he was heard to mutter something to the effect that he didn’t see why she couldn’t use an ordinary candle like every other pyskik he knows and proceeded to tell an off colour story about some nuns.

*or is it psyclical psychotic?

**Ms Demena is apparently taking part in the current Japanese “scientific” cull of whales.