Mentor Lee Hill silent on rumours!

Mentor Lee Hill, Seventh Level Guru and part time olive picker, this morning refused to comment on the rumour, believed to have been started by himself, that he was the model for the "Paleochora School For Virgins" float in last nights carnival parade.

When asked about it, he was heard to mutter something to the effect that he didn't just keep goats for fun.

Local psychick Ms Demena was observed later wandering through the village in a daze; but this was nothing unusual given the absence of tourists.


Lucy L'Estique said...

Thank u 4 the many informations on your blog. Please say me, why is Paleohora so good place 4 the Woo Woo? I am wanting the Woo Woo bad. When is the best time to get the Woo Woo? I can bringing my own bowl. I learn to clean hands properly. (

Anonymous said...

It has something to do with Ley lines and Loonies. See previous posts!

Fairly.Disturbed said...

I think Ms Demena in a daze is probably something to do with being on the 12 volt battery again, and Ms L'estique, never mind about washing your own hands, it's parts of Mentor Lee Hill that obviously are in need of a wash!