Opening postponed

The long awaited opening of the Doris Stokes Drop In Spiritual Realignment Centre and Kareoke Bar has been postponed due to unforseen circumstances.
When aske why with so many woowoo experts in Paleochora, this hadn't been forseen, Mentor Lee Hill, Seventh Level Master and part time olive picker, stated:

"I knew you were going to ask that. I blame the hot wearther for the lack of accurate predictions. Only this morning I looked in my crystal spheres hoping for a view of the future, or at least of the winner of the 4.30 at Sandown on Saturday, and all I saw was a load of balls."

MsTeake's prediction

Ms Teake ( pronounced Missteek not misstake) yesterday rejected claims that the only reason she has not yet applied to be tested by the James Randi Educational Trust for any measurable paranormal ability, and hence win 1 million dollars, was that she had no such powers and was, in fact, a complete fraud.
"That's a monstrous lie,"she said,"I predict that I will be happy to take their tests and prove my skills as soon as they send me a first class return ticket from Chania to New York on the next available Concorde flight, plus $435,00 spending money."
When it was pointed out that there were no flights from Chania to New York and that the last Concorde flight was over 5 years ago, she said that this was typical behaviour by non believers; putting obstacles in the way of her (duty free) spirits.
MsTeake then left Paleochora heading in the direction of Voutas saying sonmething about having a fee paying appointment to counsel a coupole who were thinking of giving their inner child permission to go wind surfing.