On Line Aura Tune Up

( Computer of the type predicted to be required for an Aura Tune Up)

According to the predictions of local Physick Ms Teake, the Divine Master, Adept of the Ninth Circle and part time olive picker, Mentor Lee Hill, will shortly announce the introduction of a new on line Aura Tune Up service.

Speaking to me earlier this morning, MsTeake predicted that Mentor will astonish the world and Paleochora with the new service.

"Peering into my crystal ball, I can see that this service will offer remote tuning and 50,00Km service for tired and run down auras; that it will be a great success and that all one will need is a Gold Credit card and an Internet connection. I predict that you will be able to get your aura recoloured, reshaped and restored in under two hours for under £200," she said before wandering off in the vague direction of Anidri muttering something about the urge to dance in a crop circle wearing only her sarong.

Mentor Lee Hill, when asked about the predicted service, is believed to have replied on the lines of, "It sounds like a total load of old bollocks to me but hey, if it's a service that people are prepared to pay for, I'm prepared to sell it. I can confidentially predict a great future for this new service and my bank account."


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