Get out, Aura else!

It seems that a woo woo war is about to develop in Paleochora! 'Sykik channeler'(sic) Gina Lotalollipop (left) - whose spirit name is Ms. Taeke - has blasted newly arrived Ms. Demena (see previous post) as a phoney!

Ms. Taeke said "This town is not big enough for 2 Aura reading specialists! I have been specialising in this field for 932 years (when you include all of my past lives) and I will not sit by and watch as some gin-sodden upstart tries to queer my pitch!". She went on; "Ms.Demena should birqa off!"

A compromise was later reached when it was suggested that they have an aura reading stand-off on the sandy beach. They will attempt to sympathetically council several fee-paying volunteers about their aura difficulties. Winner takes all!

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