Ms Demena apologises

A shamed faced Ms Demena

Ms Demena today apologised to the carload of tourists she inadvertently directed to the Thai Cheese Symposium at Sougia, mistaking it for the Tai Chi Symposium currently being held in the Alpha Hotel Azogires.

"It's an easy mistake for anyone to make,"she said earlier today,"but in the end they enjoyed themselves in Sougia and didn't seem to notice the difference in the material on offer in the two symposia."

When it was pointed out to her that one is a load of smelly substances and the other a type of cheese, she shrugged her shoulders, adjusted her burka and wandered off in the direction of Anidri muttering something about having to re tune her sarong before the full moon.

One of the tourists, Ms Doris Bonkers, is threatening to complain to the Greek Tourist Board that Paleochora is over run with people unable to tell there chi's from their cheese.

"I didn't spend £8oo to spend a week looking at cheese when I could be up in Azogires spending a week looking at my navel." she is reported to have said.

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