Crystal Crisis!

EU officials are pleased that a solution has been found to the growing problem of the disposal of old Crystals. Waste management companies complain frequently that they have to deal with 'mountains' of old New Age Crystals which have ceased to work and are just thrown away in the normal household garbage.

The solution came from The Matotoko Industrial Plastics Co. (Hong Kong) Ltd. who, it turns out, manufacture 99.9% of the world's New Age Crystals.

Chief Executive, Mr. Fkin Fat Dump (left), said yesterday "Focus gloups show that most of our end-rine customers plefer to buy lecycled ploducts, so with EU funding we are setting up depositolies for you to take all of your old clystals. these we will lecycle into new clystals at our huge industlial factorly (Right)".

The first 36 depositories are expected to be in Paleochora.

Unfortunately Mr. Dump went on to say "As lecycled ploducts are tlendy these days, the new clystals will have a higher letail plice than before"

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