Full Moon Event

Ms Taeke and Ms Demena have announced a special 2 day oddyssey (sic) to Lissos to co-incide with the next full moon.

"We intend to take as many fee-paying punters as possible on an amazing spiritual journey which will plumb the depths of their psychosis." Said Ms. Teake.

Ms. Demena added; "We will dance around the temple with our sarongs until midnight when we will drum into existence the sprits of all of the animal kingdom."

Jerry Plonka and his son, Rainbow (pictured), last year's only participants said "We can't wait for this years event. 500 euros well spent!"

The mayors of Paleochora and Sougia have welcomed the event but asked the organisers to tidy up after themselves. A Health & Safety official said yesterday " We are especially concerned about lions, tigers and other large carnivores and would ask the organisers to make sure they drum them back after they have finished"

Participants should bring a sarong, a drum, a woodwind or reed instrument of their choice (no bassoons this year, please!) and sandwiches (fillings of their choice).

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Jerry Plonka said...

Rainbow asks if he can bring his oboe?