Essence Overload?

Our Latest Offering

Following the recent EU rulling permitting the construction of a Spititual Essence Storage Facility just outside Paleochora, concern has been expressed by some about the effect of such a facility on the already extraordinary levels of WooWoo within the town. In particular there are fears, we hope unfounded, that this concentration of Spiritual Essence may lead to "Aura Flare" and cause potentially serious probnlems to those viewing auras.

Asked about this problem, Ms Demena, a well known and highly respected psychotical guru and chaneller, said,

"Give me 50 Euros Darling, and I'll get one of my spirits guides on to it straight away."

While we are awaiting the response from the spirit plane, we are glad to announce that this Blog will shortly be in a position to offer, for only 350 Euros a pair, the finest hand crafted, machine tooled, Chineese made, Aura Vision Protection Devices.

Yes you can be the proud owner of these high quality goods as shown above. You can now protect your eyes, both inner and outer, and still look good on the beach.

Aura Protection - You Know It Makes Cents.

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Nostradamus Ramsbottom said...

Quite apart from the dangers of aura flares, I would like to point out that the background level of essnce radiation has been steadily increasing in the town recently. It has gone from a normal reading of 23 gamotoes to over 100 gamotoes in the last week alone. Maybe we should consider burying the source(s) of this radiation in a very big hole?