Meditation for a piece of the world

Sleeping/Meditation bag

With Paleochora WooWoo levels approaching an all time high, I am glad to announce that at 14.14 on the 14th June 2002 we will be holding a "Meditation for the piece of the world" lunch and barbecue on the sandy beach just opposite Gavdos (weather and cyclikill guides permitting.)

Participants in this free endeavour will be required to provide their own food, drink and cooking facilities but may, if they wish make a small donation to a good cause (cash only, no cheques or credit cards.)

Those attending will hold hands in a ring and meditate long and hard on their particular piece of the world. To assist, you might wish to visualise your piece of the world as being in a quiet, tranquil place,being set into, rather than upon, the planet, and being rectangular approx. 2 metres long, 2 metres deep and 1.2 metres wide.

It is hoped that Ms Demena or Ms Taeke will be present to massage auras and egos - subject to them having recovered sufficiently from their recent spiritual joust.
On the matter of their recent falling out, a subject discussed here recently, both have asked me to point out that their psycotic battle had nothing whatsoever to do with the earthquake in Japan and to confirm that, with the expected influx of Greek tourists, they have resolved to patch up their quarrel and co-operate in their solemn and self appointed duty of relieving more people of the wearisome and soul destroying burden of "money."

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