This Brothers Got Sole

Mentor Lee Hill's Shoes yesterday.

In an 11th. hour bid to save the planet, Mentor Lee Hill has today announced his radical, EU grant-financed 'shoe-sharing scheme' for Paleochora.

"It's really simple," Said Hill, "I want everyone to find a 'Boot-Buddy', this could be a family member, a loved one or just a work colleague. Then you put all of your shoes and boots in the special depositories scattered around the village keeping only one pair between you. Then, one Boot-Buddy wears them from 9am until 3pm and the other from 3pm until 9pm. "

Hill went on "This will significantly reduce everyone's footprints, thus offsetting global warming or impending ice ages"

Reports that Hill has secured a pitch on the Hania Saturday Clothes Market are hitherto just rumour and hearsay.


Anonymous said...

You're sick, how dare you suggest my grandfather should be put in a suppositary and shared around.

kittens are not just for keeping your feet warm.

Billy Boggle said...

Sir or madam. You are disturbed. get help. Now.