Mal Akker - an apology

(The photo above, taken in circumstances which have yet to be explained, is believed to show Mr Akker's aura.)

The originator of the scurrilous rumor concerning the strength of Mal Akker's aura, Ms Demena, has publicly apologised for starting the slanderous tale. Mr Akker has indicated that he is happy to accept her apology and considers discussion on the size of his aura to be finished.


Anonymous said...

Take my knickers off at once young man.

Fairly.Disturbed said...

At last, I am on the way at once, you have spurred me out of hibernation, spring is here and there is sprunging to be done.

Anonymous said...

I can't find the charcoal but I'd like to talk about the size of your aura please

Anonymous said...

Frankly with an aura that size I consider you to be a serious danger to the public. I have only encountered this once before and that was an occasion when twelve volt batteries were involved. I would caution you to be careful whom you mix with.

I am beginning to think that my services may be required as consultant quack (I shall bring my own duck).

Malcolm Akkers said...

Gentlemen or ladies as the case may, or may not, be,

I thought I made it clear that discussion on the size of my aura is now at an end! There are far bigger issues for us to get our heads round.