Mentor Lee Hill shows off his equipment.

Mentor Lee Hill's Equipment

Mentor Lee Hill, seventh level master of the universe and part time olive picker, yesterday showed off his equipment.

The gleaming construction is to be used by Mentor Lee Hill to provide the latest in Raki Therapy.

Whilst the guru declined to go into details of its application, it is believed that the treatment involves the patient ingesting copious quantities of Raki via a number of less than usual routes*.

“Apart from the missing rubber tube, it’s got everything I need to provide tourists with a genuine life changing experience at a modest sum,” he said. ”It’s going to be a winner, one dose of my treatment and you’ll never be the same. I’m thinking of using the advertising slogan:

‘Use Mentor Lee Hill’s Raki Treatment: You’ll get no better.’ "

Mentor Lee Hill can be contacted in the usual kafenions or via the Doris Stokes Drop-In Spiritual Realignment Centre and Kareoke Bar (Paleochora Branch).

*Mal Akker would like to point out that such practices are illegal in a number of American states and if practised in Saudi Arabia, can lead to the amputation of certain parts of the body.


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