Ms Demena safe!

Ms Demena photographed in Kandanos Health Centre.

I’m happy to report that, contrary to the rumours circulating in certain tavernas, Ms Demena was not seriously injured when she suffered from a potentially catastrophic, ongoing aura overload blowback situation last week.

“The situation occurred when I was conducting a rebirthing session with a tourist from Manchester last Thursday morning at about 2am in his hotel room,” she said.

” We had just got to the next stage in the Raki rebirth experience, for which I charge the modest fee of £250 cash per 25 minute session, when I felt the earth move.”

“It’s such a long time since anything like that has that happened to me that I knew straight away that my aura was likely to be in danger, or, as we psykotics say, I was in danger of being ‘up the duff.’ I went straight away to the Kandanos Health Centre where, apart from insisting on using the stomach pump and making me eat a kilo or so of organic hand knitted charcoal, they treated me very well.”

I asked Ms Demena why, as one known through out Paleochora for her spiritual healing skill and renowned abilities with a colonic irrigation tube, she hadn’t applied her skills to herself and had relied instead on the Greek health service.

“Surely darling, everybody knows that psychic healing only works if you hand over lots of money to a healer and then really, really believe that they are going to do you some good. The more money you hand over, the more you have to believe in the sykotic healing otherwise you’re going to feel such a prat. How could I hand over money to myself? I certainly don’t want to feel a prat; I leave that up to my gentlemen clients who can do that anytime.”

Shortly after I spoke to her, Ms Demena wandered off in the direction of the Paleochora Club saying something about her need to get back in touch with the spirits.

Mal Akker

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