Visitor expected?

Mentor Lee Hill today announced his plans to bring one of his own mentor's words to the enlightened of Paleochora.

The much feted Rev. Elroy Cupboard, charismatic multi-billionaire head of the International Church of Scientificological Phrenology (motto: One visit and you will need your bumps read) will be regularly contributing his 'Thought For The Day' through this very blogspot in a very complicated merchandise tie-in deal.

"This man is a spiritual genius", gushed Hill yesterday. "He set up the Bank Of Gavdos (Offshore) known simply as B.O.G. Off which is 100% owned by a Cayman Island Trust which shares are controlled by an office on Gibraltar which is acting on behalf of a private equity company in Nassau, Bahamas which may or may not be wholly owned by a gentleman living in either Wagga Wagga or East Grinstead"

Watch this Blog for the first exciting Thought for the Day by Elroy Cupboard


Betsy Newson aka Ms Demena said...

This crackpot Mentor Lee Hill is again stealing all MY ideas!Something m ust be done!

Anonymous said...

Where can somone buy shares . On this bank. I would like to buy ten thousand of them .Please notify me soon very soon. yours trully. MR.MEL functions.