Snow joke

Alarm and despondency broke out in Paleochora on Monday when the ‘First International Naturist Beach Volleyball and Boules Competition’ had to be cancelled, allegedly because of inclement weather.

Commenting on the rumour that the real reason for cancellation was the lack of participants prepared to pay the 55 Euro entrance fee, Mentor Lee Hill, seventh level guru and part time olive picker, remarked that he felt that this “…..was typical of the sort of remark, remarked by people always trying to put down those involved in the remarkable attempts to raise the level of psychic awareness in Paleochora and the surrounding area to a remarkable height.”

Speculation had been running high amongst those frequenting the kafenions still open in the village that the competition would end in a bloodbath if the lately returned Ms Demena and the ever fragrant Ms Teake took to the beach on opposite sides, or at least on opposite teams. The betting had opened heavily in favour of Ms Teake but over the last few days more and more money had been placed on Ms Demena to win. Such was the pattern of the last minute betting that it had been suggested in some quarters that the whole thing was a scam on the lines of the recent ‘Guess the Colour of Ms Teak’s Aura’ competition, sponsored and, coincidentally, won by Mentor Lee Hill.

It had been rumoured that one or other of the teams would be using their psychotic abilities to win the match and to demonstrate once and for all that they did in act possess such abilities and that the alleged possession of such abilities was not just a scheme to make money from gullible ex pats.

Ms Demeana was said to be distraught at the cancellation of the match and to have proposed that a collection be taken in the town to provide assistance for a visiting brass monkey of her acquaintance who had apparently lost a number of items very precious to him in the recent cold snap.

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Fairly.Disturbed said...

I too am distraught at the cancellation, I was looking forward to a good bloodbath.
Would be grateful to know if you have any spare gullible ex-pats in your neck of the woods, I am running out of them fast.