Apologies! Again

Dr. Mal Akkers and Mentor Lee Hill would like to apologise for not posting regularly this week.

They have just returned from a spiritual retreat in the Sub-Continent.

Dr. Akkers said; "We have been to an Ashram in Assam run by a bloke called Akram. Or was it an Assam in Akram run by a bloke called Ashram? Or maybe an Ashram in Akram run by a bloke called Assam..."

The holiday was provided by the firm Simply India. Motto; Simply Simple Holidays By Simple People For Simple People.

Mentor Lee Hill wishes to add that "Although my memory of the Tantric Buttock Massage workshop is hazy, I was emphatically never in Akram"

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Anonymous said...

Next time you want a massage. come to Azogires.And for leonidas and diana