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Mentor Lee Hill has confirmed that he will be shortly circulating a petition to limit the noises made by the Paleochora Road Train.

"It goes "whoo-whoo" at the turns in the roads which makes people think that they can get their woo woo from the train rather than getting it from a trained woo woo practicioner. We have all spent lots of money training in obscure arts, under obscure gurus who only those who have trained with have ever heard of; in places no one in their right mind would ever visit - like Bafshot. It's only fair that we woo woo practicioners get the opportunity to recover some, if not all, of our costs and make a bloody good living - I mean receive enough in donations to keep our body and multiple spirits intact."

Mal Akker

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i think i need a train coming to azogires may mr, mal akers can see to that