Ms Demena to visit Paleochora!

The town was last night abuzz with the surprise news that, in an effort to raise the level of WooWoo in Paleochora, we are to be visited by that renowned clairvoyant and psychotic spiritual person, Betsy Newson.

Ms Demena, to use Betsy's professional name, shown here in her fetching new summer outfit, specialises in psykicial aura maintenance and therapy and plans to spend her time here tending the auras of those who have sucumbed to the pleasures of the world, and Kandanos.

"I get help from the Spirits, Darling" she told me.
"Strangely enough all my spirit guides, such as Whiskey and Metaxas only seem to work late in the evening; but they work every time and after a session with these two, I soon start seeing things."
Ms Demena has yet to determine the rates she will be charging the lucky people of Paleochora to have their auras tended but she has told me that the prices will be "popular" and within reach of all those with a credit card limit of over £5000.

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