Advice to our reader.

With the woo woo level in Paleochora rising by the minute with the influx of healers from many parts of the world, some of whom think Paleochora is directly en route to Nirvana, it's time to offer our "free" spiritual advice corner.

This advice is brought to you "free" by myself, Mal Akkers, exactly as it was given to me by one of my many spirit guides -Biggus Discus - a Roman centurion and all around good guy in a previous life.

Advice Corner.

1. Never eat the yellow snow.

2. Never smile at the crocodile.

3. Never get involved in a bare footed arse kicking competition if your opponent is a porcupine.

4. Every spiritual journey starts with just one little step....and it's usually the step of paying money to someone.



Albert Tatlock said...

Mal! You de man! High 5 Bro! Gimme skin Mother! Aint no jive cos you alive in the hood, bitch!

Albert Tatlock said...

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